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Abe Cohen

Actor(Lead role)

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Basic details
Acting age 25 - 35
Height 1.84 m
Weight 78 kg
Body type Normal
Body color White
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hair style Short
driving Car, Bicycle
Languages Greek (Mother), English (Mother), French (Mother)
sports - athletics Martial arts (Professional)
  • 2016 
    New York Film Academy

    Los Angeles, USA, Conservatory: Acting for film

  • 2014 
    New York Film Academy

    Los Angeles, USA, Certificate: Acting for film

  • 2013 
    University of Westminster

    London, England, Masters degree: Film & television theory, culture and industry

  • 2017 
    The Last Ship

    6 episodes ADR / Looping Directed by: Caitlin McKenna

  • 2017 
    The Last Ship

    Co-star Directed by: Paul Holahan

  • 2019 
    Born To Be Murdered

    Supporting role Directed by: Ferdinando Cito Filomarino

  • 2019 
    Forgotten Alive

    Supporting role Directed by: Kiriakos Kotsinis

  • 2017 
    The Exhibition

    Lead role Directed by: Don Abad

  • 2017 

    Lead role Directed by: Stephanie Boateng

  • 2017 
    The Men Who Don't Fit In

    Lead role Directed by: Giorgos Alexandros Savvidis

  • 2016 
    Hammer & Nails

    Lead role Directed by: Don Abad

  • 2016 

    Lead role Directed by: Savvas Christou

  • 2016 
    The Red Oak

    Lead role Directed by: Danyal Zalfar

  • 2015 
    Cloudy Sunday

    Supporting role Directed by: Manousos Manousakis

  • 2014 
    The Interview

    Lead role Directed by: Ryu Osada

  • 2019 
    The English Theatre Club

    Love vs Hate (James) Robin Hood & the Golden Honey (Robin Hood) Directed by: Tessa Clark