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Xrysa Tsitoy

Dancer, Dance teacher, Cheerleader, Performer, Night club dancer

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Basic details
Date of birth 27 February 1992
Birth place ΣΕΡΡΕΣ
Residence place ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
Height 1.70 m
Weight 60 kg
Body type Athletic
Body color Ivory
Eye color Brown
Hair color Mousey
Hair style Long
Voice type Soprano
Dancing Samba (Good), Jazz (Very good), Freestyle (Professional), Ballet (Very good), Hasapiko (Very good), Rock & Roll (Very good), Greek traditional (Very good), Cha Cha (Very good), Hip Hop (Very good), Salsa (Very good), Syrtaki (Very good), Pontiaka (Very good), Modern (Professional), Latin (Very good)
Singing Easy-listening (Good), Entechno (artistic) (Good), Synchronic (Good), Musical (Good)
Languages Greek (Mother), English (Moderate)
sports - athletics Cycling (Very good), Basketball (Good), Rock climbing (Very good), Football (Amateur), Volleyball (Good), Exercise (Professional), Kayak (Very good), Track events (Very good), Skiing (Very good), Horse riding (Amateur), Tennis (Amateur), Ice skating (Amateur), Skateboarding (Amateur), Hiking (Very good), Swimming (Professional), Water polo (Very good), Yoga (Very good), Other (Professional), Rhythmic dancing (Professional)
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