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Auxiliary actor(Secondary roles, Characters, Extras)

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Basic details
First Name Charalampos
Last name Koutsogiannis
Place of birth ΧΟΛΑΡΓΟΣ Ν. ΑΤΤΙΚΗΣ
Residence place ΓΕΩΡΓΟΥΛΙΑ 6, ΛΑΜΠΡΙΝΗ
Height 1.90 m
Weight 98 kg
Body type Large
Body color White
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hair style Short
Voice type Bass
Singing Easy-listening (Very good), Light folk music (Good), Entechno (artistic) (Very good)
musical instruments Piano (Very good), Keyboard (Very good), Folk drum (Very good), Small bouzouki (Amateur), Drums (Amateur)
Languages Greek (Mother), English (Good)
sports - athletics Cycling (Good), Basketball (Good), Football (Amateur), Volleyball (Good), Hiking (Very good)
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